Honouring Yourself

What does honouring yourself mean to you?

To me it means being honest with myself and acknowledging what is true for me. It means treating myself with compassion, understanding, gentleness, acceptance and love. It's also acknowledging, upholding and celebrating me. Giving myself time, allowing others to help me, sharing the load.

The last week or so with my clients I've been talking about honouring self, creating and respecting our own boundaries and managing our own and other people's expectations of us.

All too often we put other's needs ahead of our own. Whether that's in relationships, friendships, the workplace or as parents and the list can go on.

We can be so entrenched in ‘hurry, worry and busy’ that to honour what is most sacred in our everyday lives feels like some fanciful dream. So we get used to living a half alive and believing we have no choice.

We do have a choice.

* Forgive yourself

* Practice pausing

* Respect your body

* Be honest with yourself

* Make time for you

* Express what you need

* Be clear on your expectations

I am not a superwoman. I am a woman, wife, mum, sister, friend, counsellor, inspiration; I am lots of things to many people. But first and foremost I am what I need to be today, for me.

Get in touch if you'd like to book a session with me to discover how you can honour yourself.

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